Russian-From Intermediate to Advanced PDF

Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced PDFRussian-From Intermediate to Advanced PDF is an exciting and contemporary course designed to take students from an intermediate level to an advanced proficiency in Russian. With a flexible modular approach centered around current themes, this course enhances reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities while expanding students’ cultural knowledge.

Here are some key features :

  1. Engaging Chapters: The course is structured into chapters that offer a diverse range of readings, including blogs, forums, surveys, opinion pieces, and commentaries. Each text is accompanied by assignments of increasing difficulty, allowing students to progress steadily.
  2. Authentic and Relevant Materials: The course incorporates up-to-date readings, video and audio excerpts, covering various social and cultural topics such as Demography, Youth Culture, Politics and Society, Economics, and Globalization. By exploring these materials, students gain a deeper understanding of contemporary Russian society.
  3. News Program Clips: Video clips from news programs serve a dual purpose. They enhance listening comprehension skills and provide students with insights into current events in Russia.
  4. Advanced Vocabulary and Discourse Skills: Special attention is given to helping students acquire advanced vocabulary and the ability to engage in conversations, discussions, and arguments using paragraph-length discourse. This focus enables students to express their thoughts more effectively.
  5. Strong Comprehension Skills: The course places particular emphasis on developing strong listening and reading comprehension skills. Students learn to understand ideas, supporting details, narrative texts, descriptive texts, and connected discourse more effectively.
  6. Experienced Authors: The course is written by a highly experienced author team who have co-authored previous successful Russian language textbooks, including Beginner’s Russian (2010) and V Puti (2005). Their expertise ensures the quality and effectiveness of the materials.

Russian-From Intermediate to Advanced PDF is an essential resource for undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of Russian language study. It is also suitable for heritage learners of Russian who have already mastered literacy and are familiar with the grammatical structure of the language. Whether you’re a dedicated student or a heritage learner, this course will take you from intermediate to advanced proficiency in Russian, equipping you with valuable language skills and cultural knowledge

Russian-From Intermediate to Advanced PDF



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